Meet The Jazes
  owners and creators of JAZE COSPLAY STUDIOS


Aime and Lance are the owners and creators of Jaze Cosplay Studios. They are a power couple with a passionate love of all things in entertainment. Both Aime and Lance have extensive backgrounds in the entertainment & acting industry (theatre, modeling, music, film (SAG-E) and television), so bringing characters to life is a specialty of theirs! Understanding the value in respectfully portraying characters, they build the majority of their costumes from scratch. In addition to their own costumes they design and build custom costumes and props for production studios. 
They've been featured as Special Cosplay Guests at a number of conventions, judged several costume contests and masquerades, and have hosted many panels on cosplaying, costume building and entertainment. Their creativity is endless when it comes to designing and building movie-quality costumes and props, in-house photography/videography, and custom digital artwork for themselves as well as fellow celebrities. They also write, direct, and produce promotional videos, and are slated to launch their new web series Keeping Up with the Jazes and Late Night with Skeletor & Friends coming soon.

Talents and services offered by this elite duo:

* Movie-Quality Costumes and Props for Showcasing 
* First-class Character Performances for Events 
* In-House Photography
* Exclusive Digital Artwork 
* Hair and Makeup
* Promotional Videos, Television, Movies (Acting, Screenplay Writing, Directing, and Producing)
* Voice Over Talent
* Music: Vocals and Song Writing

Their current list of in-house costumes include: 

* Joker & Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad move versions as well as custom comic book version)
* Batman & Wonder Woman (BvS move versions) 
* Maleficent (2 Different Movie versions plus staff and raven) 
* Captain Jack Sparrow (Movie version plus props) 
* Skeletor (Custom made TV & 200x Version plus props) 
* Evil-Lyn (Custom made TV & 200x Version plus props)
* She-Ra (Custom made TV version plus props) 
* Xena (TV version plus props) 
* Ares (Custom made TV version plus props) 
* Fred & Daphne from Scooby Doo (Custom made TV versions)
* Agents Fox Mulder & Dana Scully from the X-FIles TV series

For all Bookings, Rates, and Scheduling call: 
(480) 382-3826 or to email Click Here 

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